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About Us

Our Mission

Brand New Day (BND) was created to form a collective commitment by all to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma associated with mental illness. Our products serve as a physical symbol, a promise to ourselves and others, to ask for help and help those who ask.

We are dedicated to providing a physical symbol to those who are struggling, as well as partnering with nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against mental illnesses and suicide. Through the sale of our products, we fight the stigma, raise awareness, and help everyone affected see that tomorrow is a Brand New Day.

Our Story

Mom guilt is real and momma bear instincts are strong. Truth be told, being a parent only seems to get scarier as our children get older. With 6 kids and countless nieces, nephews, and friends between us, the fear of losing a loved one is, at times, suffocating. Over the years, we have seen far too many friends and families have their lives shattered by mental illness or suicide. It’s hard to find someone in today’s world that hasn’t been affected, whether directly or indirectly, by suicide. If you stop and look at the statistics, it is alarming. So we started thinking……how can we equip others to navigate life's highs and lows while making a promise to ourselves? Could we create something that would let people know that they are not alone in this world?

It started with the simple idea of wearing something, a simple bracelet, which would serve as a constant reminder to ourselves and everyone around us that there are people that care. Over the course of its development, the simple bracelet evolved into a significant promise to wearers to ask for help and help those who ask.

Brand New Day Commitment was created to remember those we have lost and ensure that we never have to experience such tragic loss again. We hope that BND will serve as a physical reminder that everyone is loved, capable, brave, and worthy of life. After all, tomorrow is always a Brand New Day.


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